NTC 50HD/70HD Endoscope

USB Inspection Camera,Depstech USB Endoscope Waterproof 2.0 Megapixels HD Borescope Camera Snake Soft Wire for PC/Latop/Computer and OTG & UVC Compatible Android Phones - 16.4 ft (5 m)


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Product Description


– Before purchasing, make sure the operation system of your computer(Windows XP/7/8/10,Macbook OS) or Android Phone(Android 4.4+ system), supports OTG and UVC function.
– For Android system, please use “CameraFi” APP from Google Play.
– For MacBook OS, please use “Photo Booth” “QuickTime Player” “VLC(VideoLan Client)”.
-How to Check OTG? You can install a free app “USB OTG Checker”which provides a simple method to check either your phone supports OTG function or not.

Plug and Play 
Even if you’re new to use an endoscope, you’ll be able to get the hang of operation quickly. Once installed the APP, plug it into a USB port on your computer or using extra adapter on your phone, then you’re ready to use.

Every Pixel, Clear and True 
Adopting 2MP sensor with imaging algorithm, it greatly enhanced the image resolution, makes the captured images and video much clearer.
Featuring IP67 waterproof probe with 6 adjustable LED on the camera tip, it allows you to inspect hard-to-reach or hard-to-see place even if in dark or low-light areas.

Greater Applicable Areas
Our borescope finds application in inspection jobs where a given area has to be inspected, but are inaccessible or not viewable by the naked eye. Perfect for HVAC, vent pipe, machine equipment, car engine, boat, aircraft inspection, hard-to-see areas.

Camera: IP67 waterproof – 2 megapixels
Resolution: 1280 x 720, 640 x 480
Camera Diameter: 8.5 mm
View angle:60°
Focal Distance:3-6CM
Power: powered by USB port

Package List
1 x Depstech USB Borescope
1 x Hook
1 x Magnet
1 x Mirror(There’s a film on the mirror,please peel off it before using)
1 x CD
1 x Manual

12-Months limited warranty, free replacment and after-sale service available.


  • James Katen 07/24/2017 Reply

    How is this different from the NTC 85S?

    • admin 08/10/2017 Reply

      The main differenece lies the connection part, NTC85S is featured with 2-in-1 usb/micro usb connector, while the NTC50HD is only USB connector, but comes with extra usb to micro adapter cable.
      Hope this will help.
      Depstech service team

    • Egon H. 04/07/2018 Reply

      Hallo….ich habe das selbe Problem wie die anderen, trotz iOS 11. wird mir von der Kamera kein Bild angezeigt…

      • admin 04/09/2018 Reply

        Hello James,
        Sorry for any inconvenience to you.
        The NTC 50HD can’t compatible with IOS system, it can only use with Android system. You can choose our wifi endoscope,it can comnpatible with IOS system.
        If there is any other problem,please feel free to contact us.Thanks.

  • UD 10/05/2017 Reply

    How to attach endoscope to android phone

    • admin 10/09/2017 Reply

      There will be a usb to micro usb adapter cable in the package. You can use the adapter cable to attach the endoscope to android phone.
      Any other help we can do, feel free to contact.
      Best regards,
      Depstech service team

  • Robert Ford 10/15/2017 Reply

    Hello trying to hook it up to my fire HD tablet . It says that I have to download a bunch of stuff from Google. Which I’d rather not do. I can’t download the driver . Wish you just had an app that would allow access to the camera. Is there such a thing?

    • admin 11/23/2017 Reply

      Dear Robert,
      Thank you for your feedback~
      We’re sorry we noticed that most the fire HD tablet don’t support download the compatible app from Google Play Store. That’s why the camera couldn’t work with Kindle Fire Tablet.
      Really sorry about this.
      Best regards,

  • kalvin 10/24/2017 Reply

    Do I have to charge this camera first? My phone supports OTG and is 4.4+ put it says that it can not find camera?

    • admin 11/23/2017 Reply

      Dear Kalvin,
      Thank you for your contact~
      The camera is powered by your phone when plugging in. You don’t have to charge it firstly. As for your issue, please confirm below issue:
      Whether you’ve turned on the USB Debugging on your phone;
      If no, please turn on it on the developer option.
      For any other issue, please feel free to contact us here or support@idepstech.com or our offical facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DEPSTECH.FANS/.
      Best regards,

  • Admos 11/05/2017 Reply

    How can I connect to a Google Pixel phone that has a USB-C connector and not a micro USB?

  • Jim 12/13/2017 Reply

    Need one to work on a android 7.0.

  • MANUEL 12/16/2017 Reply

    No me conecta en una tablet HUAWEI DE 7 PULGADAS que sí tiene puerto OTG y con Android 5.0.1 (EMUI 3.0.5).
    ¿Tengo que hacer algún ajuste adicional?. Ya que en un Motorola MOTO G, sí que me funciona.
    Espero su atenta respuesta.
    Muchas gracias u un saludo.

    • admin 12/16/2017 Reply

      El teléfono móvil de Huawei tiene limitaciones para la cámara externa, por lo que a veces incluso OTG tampoco no se puede compatible con este endoscopio, lo siento

  • Steven Simmons 12/26/2017 Reply

    Is it possible to make your NTC70HD work with my iPhone 6?

    • admin 12/26/2017 Reply

      Dear Steven,
      Thank you for your contact~
      We’re sorry to say we’re unable to make it work with your iPhone 6. For iPhone users, only our wifi version endoscope can support it.
      Sincerely hope this will help you.
      Best regards,

  • James 12/29/2017 Reply

    Do your endoscopes filter out infra red? I am wondering if I could use the technology as a night vision camera for hunting purposes and using infra red as my light source. Many thanks.

    • admin 12/30/2017 Reply

      Dear James,
      Thank you for your contact~
      We’re sorry that our endoscopes can’t filter out infra red. Sorry about this.
      Best regards,

  • Sam 12/31/2017 Reply

    nevermind, i figured it out

    • admin 01/02/2018 Reply

      Dear Sam,
      We’re glad to see you’ve already figured it out. Later, if you still have any question about the product, pls feel free to contact us at your convenience.
      Best regards,

  • Phil 01/05/2018 Reply

    No plug for iphone 7+ and how do i hook it up to my mac? There is no app for it.

    • admin 01/08/2018 Reply

      Dear Phil,
      Thank you for your contact~
      We’re sorry to tell that NTC50HD endscope isn’t compatible with iPhone IOS system, so it can’t work with your iPhone 7+. If you’re looking for an endoscope which can work with your iPhone 7+, you can consider about our wifi version endoscope, below is the link for your reference:
      As for using NTC50HD Endoscope on Mac, there are several app you can use, “Photo Booth” “QuickTime Player” “VLC(VideoLan Client)”; Besides, we have sent an operation steps to your email, pls have a check.
      Best regards,

  • Rick 02/13/2018 Reply

    Please help need set up for using on MacBook – Please advise, using DEPSTECH® Endoscope NTC 50HD

    • admin 02/19/2018 Reply

      Hi Rick,
      Thank you for your message. Our professional customer support has already send the detailed operation to you, pls checek your email.
      Best regards,

  • Jackie Dougherty 02/16/2018 Reply

    I’m trying to get this to work on my MacBook Pro. I bought it because your marketing information said it works with MacBook. I can’t get it to work with PhotoBooth or QuickTime Player, and when I search the app store for VLC (VideoLan Client), I get the message that no app with that name can be found.

    • admin 02/18/2018 Reply

      Hi, Jackie,
      Thanks for your contact.We apologize for the inconvenience that has caused.And in order to better solve your problem, could you pls provide below information for our reference?
      1. the operation system of your macbook pro;
      2. your amazon order ID;
      3. Attach a short video of your operation process;
      With these informationm, we can better check and solve the problem for you, We appreciate for your understandings and support.
      Best regards,

  • Tom 02/24/2018 Reply

    Will the inspection camera ntc855-5m work with iPhone 6

    • admin 02/27/2018 Reply

      Hi there,we’re sorry that the ntc85s-5m endoscope isn’t compatible with iPhone 6. For iPhone 6, pls consider about our wifi version endoscope camera.

  • Jon 03/18/2018 Reply

    Where/What driver do I use for Windows 10 or Windows 7?

  • Belynda Bivins 03/21/2018 Reply

    Having trouble getting started with my endoscope NTC50HD, installed app on android Samsung 7 but says No camera found! Please charge your device correctly! Make sure phone supports OTG and it’s opened in Settings. I have done all that I believe, still not functioning please assist.

    • admin 03/22/2018 Reply

      Hello Belynda,
      Sorry for the inconvenience you’ve met~
      As for your problem,could you pls tell us which app you’re using, CameraFi or DepstechCamera? If you only tried one of them, we advise you try the other app, this might help to solve your problem.
      Besides that, if you have any other compatible device around, we advise you have a try, so we can confirm whether the problem lies in the product or the compatibility issue. Thank you.
      Best regards,

  • Mark W Testa 06/05/2018 Reply

    Why am I am I unable to get my camera to work with the Apple phone I 8???

    • admin 06/07/2018 Reply

      Hello, could you take some pictures or videos and send it to our email? Our email is:support@idepstech.com, we can help you solve your problem better with more details.Thanks.

  • Tomas Nemeth 07/09/2018 Reply

    Hello, yesterday I got my NTC 50HD inspection camera, I have Android Motorola turbo 2, On the start it was working good, little weird, then I tried again during the day, still working, but, sometimes, was crazy pictures on screen. I was using app DepstechCamera, Today, I come to my client , we wanted inspect under roof, And I coundt start app at all, it cant find camera, I tried on my wife phone, on the pc, and nothing. I tried other app too, but still not working. LED lights are working, Thank you for help. Tom

    • admin 07/13/2018 Reply

      Sorry for reply you so late.
      Thank you so much for your kind contact.
      We feel sorry for all inconvenience it had caused.

      For the problem, pls kindly try below methods.
      1. Use the extra usb to micro usb adapter to connect;
      2. Pls make sure you’ve turned on the USB Debugging of your device, if not, pls try following “Settings → About Device → Software Information → Click “Build Number” 5 Times → Return → Find and Turn on “Developer Option” → Turn on USB Debugging → Find USB Configuration”. Once Turned on, please reconnect the camera with your device.
      3. Pls try another app, such as CameraFi 2 or Teslong camera.
      And here is our updated app USB Endoscope: http://shenhai.oss-cn-hongkong.aliyuncs.com/usbCamera-1.2.4.apk
      Besides, would you pls send us a short video showing the problem more directly?

      Pls arrest sure that we will offer you the best solution once confirm the problem.
      Looking forward to your kind reply.

  • Matt 07/23/2018 Reply

    I purchased this endoscope and it worked great with your app on my Samsung Galaxy S6 until last week. Now my device will not recognize this camera with your app (or any other). What can I do to get this working again?

    • admin 07/23/2018 Reply

      Sorry for all inconvenience to you.
      There is a reset hole near the charge port,you can reset and try it again. If your problem still can’t be solved,please feel free to contact us. Our email address is:support@idepstech.com. Thanks.

  • m. davis 08/22/2018 Reply

    cannot connect to the ip camera please check. I have windows 10. downloaded driver. attached endoscope to my laptop. pressed smart camera on downloads. and it says it cannot connect. arrrrrgggghhhhh.

    • admin 08/23/2018 Reply

      Hello ,could you tell me which app you downloaded before? Could you try other app please? For example: CameraFi, Teslong Camera,OTG View,Depstech-wifi….

  • Gustavo 11/19/2018 Reply

    Wich is the difference between NTC 50HD/70HD, T01 and 85T ???

    • admin 11/23/2018 Reply

      The NTC 50HD: the cable length is 5m. the 70HD is 7m.
      Best regards

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