NTE100 USB Otoscope Blue

Depstech USB Otoscope, Digital Ear Scope Ear Inspection Camera with 6 LED Lights for Micro USB & USB-C Android Devices, Windows & MAC PC Computer


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【 Easy & Quick Home Ear Exam】 As your ears are itchy or swelling, 4 different adapters in size accommodate brief ear exams for adults to find the reason for the scratchy symptom.
【Convertible Connection Design, Working with Android Devices, Windows & MAC PC】 The otoscope can be compatible with Android 4.5+ devices, Windows 7/8/10 & MAC OS10.6+ PC, but not work with iPhone or iPad, and you can see the situation in your ear, clearly displayed on your smart phone, tablet or your computer. Then, the ear wax or ear mite can be cleaned more completely and safely with this guidance.
【 6-Level Adjustable LED Brightness Optimizing the Image& Video】 Tympanic membrane check will certainly contain darkness and the light will be necessary. Adjusting LED light, the Depstech otoscope user can obtain real image and live video from close observation.
【 1.5M Cable Multiplying the Applications】Not only do your ears will stocking the wax and mite, but your dogs, cats as well. The cable will be conducive to examining theirs to protect your pairing devices from their carelessly tantalizing action at some distance.
【 Depstech Warranty as Usual】 At Depstech, we back up all our products with a 1-Year Limited Warranty to ensure full satisfaction to our customers.


  • Lloyd Langston 03/14/2018 Reply

    Do you have an otoscope/ ear exam device compatable with iPhone?

    • admin 03/14/2018 Reply

      Hello, We’re sorry we don’t have any compatible otoscope for iPhone, sorry about this.

  • MJ San Miguel 03/18/2018 Reply

    What is the resolution of the camera?

    • admin 03/19/2018 Reply

      Hello, the resolution is about 0.3MP.

  • Larry Neal 04/05/2018 Reply

    Can the inside of the ear be viewed in real time or does it take a picture to be viewed?

    • admin 04/09/2018 Reply

      Hello Larry,
      Sorry to reply you so late.
      Our product can be viewed in real time and it can also take a picture via our endoscope APP.
      If there is any other problem,please feel free to contact us.Thanks.

  • dawn 04/27/2018 Reply

    are there any plans on making this in an hd version?

    • admin 04/27/2018 Reply

      Hello dawn,
      We are improving our product continously,and we have a new wifi otoscope on market in recent days.

  • tammy 05/03/2018 Reply

    I got it working!!

    • admin 05/03/2018 Reply

      Ok,Thanks. If there is any other problem,please feel free to contact us.Thanks.

  • Constanza 05/14/2018 Reply

    My otoscope is not working with my Huawei 9 mate lite cellphone, I followed every instruction, got the app, but it doesnt work.
    It works on a friend´s Xiaomi cellphone with the same operative system… Any solutions??

    • admin 05/15/2018 Reply

      Hello, We are very sorry for all inconvenience to you. We are sorry to tell you that most of our endoscope can’t compatible with Huawei phone. Really sorry for that.

  • Donna J Cherry 05/19/2018 Reply

    How do we get a refund? The light doesn’t turn on.

    • admin 05/22/2018 Reply

      Hello, you can contact our service department:support@idepstech.com and then they will teach you how to get the refund. Thanks.

  • St 05/26/2018 Reply

    Me he descargado el programa y he seguido los pasos pero no funciona en mi Huawei p10 lite

    • admin 05/31/2018 Reply

      Hello,we are very sorry for all inconvenience to you.Our endoscope can not compatible with Huawei at present.

  • Vickie Whittle 06/04/2018 Reply

    I am having problems getting it to work/set up..do you have a how to video? The instructions are terribly confusing. I am trying to download and use device on a Samsung 8 phone.

    • admin 06/04/2018 Reply

      Hello,We are very sorry that there is no video instruction at present.Thanks.

  • Ericka Saieh 06/11/2018 Reply


    I’m trying to download the the app on my Mac lab top, but I cant seem to find it on the APP store. Is there another way that I can download?

    • admin 06/11/2018 Reply

      Hello, could you tell me which app you search? Is it “Photo Booth” or “QuickTime Player”? if not,you can search this from apple store or google store. Thanks.

  • Rich M 06/28/2018 Reply

    Do you sell a wireless version of the otoscope camera similar to the WiFi borescopes?

  • Frank 06/29/2018 Reply

    For Mac Users I recommend Camera Record HD in the App Store. Both a Lite (free) and paid ($4.99) version are available. Much better than VLC.

    • admin 07/03/2018 Reply

      Thank you for you kind suggestion. And we also will improve our app continuously. Thanks.

  • Manuel 07/15/2018 Reply

    I got one of this but it does not has instructions. I tryed to plugged it in to my phone and laptop. The LED light turns on but the camera does not displays.

    • admin 07/23/2018 Reply

      Sorry for all inconvenience to you.
      We have send the manual to your email,please check it. Thanks.
      Once again to apologize for all inconvenience to you.
      Best regards,
      James Walker.

  • Barbara 07/22/2018 Reply

    I have a Mac and cannot locate VLC in the App store. The Camera Record HD mentioned above free version is said to only record for 40 seconds. What App is available to use with this device? I do not need to record, I would just like to see in real time.

    • admin 07/23/2018 Reply

      You can search the app”WIFI IMAGE”from google play, it is a free app,and works well. Thanks.

  • Eric 08/16/2018 Reply

    Your app doesn’t work on my Pixel XL running Android 9. The app won’t start. So, this otoscope cannot be used with my Android phone, contrary to what your ad on Amazon stated. So, I wanted to download the software to use it with my Windows PC, but your Support page doesn’t show the software for this product. This otoscope is therefore useless to me, and I will return it.

    • admin 08/23/2018 Reply

      Sorry for all inconvenience to you.
      Could you tell me which app you try before? In order to solve your problem better,could you contact our email directly? Our email address is: support@idepstech.com. Thanks.

  • Joe 08/16/2018 Reply

    Where is Windows 10 driver and app download page?

    • admin 08/23/2018 Reply

      You can search “depstech-wifi”directly from google play. Thanks.

  • Denise Reed 12/10/2018 Reply


    • admin 12/18/2018 Reply

      Could you please contact us at support@idepstech.com? There will be professional customer service who solve the problem for you.
      Thank you!
      Depstech Service Team

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