WF020X-10M Endoscope

Depstech 1200P Semi-rigid Wireless Endoscope, 2.0 MP HD WiFi Borescope Inspection Camera,16 inch Focal Distance & 1800mAh Battery Snake Camera for Android & IOS Smartphone Tablet - Black 33FT


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  • 【Innovative WiFi Endoscope with great compatibility】: different from endoscope camera in the market, this wireless wifi inspection camera will work with Android devices( Android 2.3+), as well as iPhone IOS system(iOS 6.0+). This makes the endoscope appeal to many users with various kinds of devices.
  • 【True 1200P Resolution Camera】: reaching 1600×1200, this endoscope is able to capture HD snapshot of the unknown, mysterious places where the human eyes are difficult to catch the image, along with recording a vivid live- video in AVI format, available to be stored on your devices upon enabling the app to accessible to the Photo App.
  • 【CamTele Technology Seeing Further & Wider】: many professional technicians spare no efforts to develop the new technology, so this new product will have longer focal distance than common endoscope, getting rid of the limit within 1-3 inch, and the scope for a clear image can be extended to 15.7 inch, which will be more user-friendly in your inspection work.
  • 【Simple Operation Method】 : Turning on WiFi box to generate endoscope WiFi, connect your working device with the endoscope WiFi, and then just enjoy the expected view with our unique app “Depstech”.
  • 【Featuring built-in super 1800mAh battery, 33FT semi-rigid cable, waterproof and 8.5mm diameter camera】: Its battery supports 3-4h working time without LED light on, outshining other endoscopes with working time less than 1h. Furthermore, 6 adjustable LED light on the camera, applicable for kinds of scenarios , regardless of dark area, damp or wet area etc. The semi-rigid cable can bend and hold it’s shape to access confined place, such as curved holes or pipes.


Resolution:1600×1200, 1280×720, 640×480, 320×240
Camera Diameter: 8.5mm
Waterproof: IP67
WIFI Transmission Distance:15Meters
Battery Capacity: 1800mah
Focal Distance: 3CM-40CM
Power Supply: DC 5V

Important Notes:

For this endoscope, do not support video recording for IOS 8.0 lower system;
Needs to be connected with your phone via wifi in your phone network settings, instead of the app.
When modifying the wifi password on WiFi-View app, pls note,it can only accept either numbers or letters, any special characters are unacceptable,like @ or punctuation marks. Pls be aware of this.

Package Lists:
1 x Depstech Wifi Endoscope
1 x USB to Micro USB Cable
1 x Accessories – Mirror, Hook,Magnet
1 x User Manual

1 Year Limited Warrantly
At Depstech, every product enjoys a 1 Year Limited Warrantly, any problem about the product, you’re free to contact customer service.


  • rod bramlett 07/23/2018 Reply

    Drivers for this product are not on the website and Customer Service from the company is non existent.

    • admin 07/23/2018 Reply

      Sorry for all inconvenience to you. You need to download the app”DEPSTECH”from apple store.And then you can control the endoscope. Thanks.

  • rod bramlett 07/23/2018 Reply

    Drivers for this product are not on the website and Customer Service from the company is non existent and when posting a comment you get an error message.

    • admin 07/23/2018 Reply

      Sorry for all in convenience to you. If you have any problem with our product,please feel free to contact us via email. Our email is for your kind understanding.

  • Rick 08/14/2018 Reply

    The DEPSTECH APP can be found and does work with the iphone, however I cannot find a way for the device to work with a Macbook Pro. The APP cannot be found when searching on Mac app store. Can you help?

    • admin 08/23/2018 Reply

      Could you try more apps? For instance, Wifi view….

  • Amol Borkar 11/28/2018 Reply

    The video on my camera is very foggy and unclear. Even if I go upto 1080p resolution, it is still very unclear. I thought this was the image quality but reviews on amazon say this is not ideal and unit should be exchanged/replace. Please advise.

    • admin 11/28/2018 Reply

      Hello Amol,
      You can adjust the resolution of the endoscope.
      Please click the setting coin, choose the resolution, and confirm the adjustment.
      Best regards

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