WF020X-5M Endoscope

Depstech 1200P Semi-rigid Wireless Endoscope, 2.0 MP HD WiFi Borescope Inspection Camera,16 inch Focal Distance &1800mAh Battery Snake Camera for Android & IOS Smartphone Tablet - Black 16.5FT


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  • Mark 07/15/2018 Reply

    Just received from amazon and keep getting “tip failed” on app when trying to enter ssid or password

    • admin 07/23/2018 Reply

      Sorry for replying you so late.
      There are mistakes on your operation.
      1. You need to search the signal”Jetion_*****”from wifi settings.
      2. Enter the password 12345678 and then connect.
      After you finish this, you can connect to the app and then use it.

  • Jeff 07/29/2018 Reply

    Hello – I purchased your Depstech 1200P Semi-rigid Wireless Endoscope. The device works great but during use the part that screws on around the camera lens detached somewhere under my house. Where can I purchase a replacement base attachment? Amazon sells attachment like the magnet and the hook, but not the original attachment.

    • admin 07/30/2018 Reply

      Sorry for all inconvenience to you.
      Could you take some pictures about your miss part? And you can send pictures to our email,our email Thanks.

      • Jeff 08/07/2018 Reply

        Thank you for going above and beyond with making the minor hiccup into a great experience. I will recommend you to anyone who will listen.

  • Kevin D 07/31/2018 Reply

    Can you use a computer with wifi instead of a smartphone?

    • admin 08/06/2018 Reply

      Hello kevin,
      Thank you for contacting us.
      There are several customers had tried before,but it didn’t work well.If you want to use with computer, you can search USB endoscope from our store. Thanks.

  • KazuhisaTsutsumi 08/22/2018 Reply

    I cannot find download link of ‘WIFI-VIEW’ for PCalthough I logged in on

    • admin 08/23/2018 Reply

      Sorry for all inconvenience to you. You need to download this app from apple store. Thanks.

  • Gustavo 11/26/2018 Reply

    Wich is the difference between WF020X and WF010?

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