• D09

    2K HD USB Web Camera Microphone for Streaming

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    2K full HD webcam

    Webcam with microphone

    No additional driver or software required

    Smooth live streaming

    Board compatibility


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hd webcam 

Omnidirectional Microphone

This camera adopts an microphone that picks up sound from all directions and is equally sensitive to sounds from all directions. It will be better to transmit your voice clearly and smoothly in the house.

hd webcam 

Bluart Technology

Our special image processing technology “Bluart”, which adopts the new-generation DSP chip to help the camera capture more details of the shootings and enhance 50% image definition. You will always looks good in the screen.

webcam with microphone 

USB Plug and Play

This web camera is really simple to install. It can be used as long as it is connected to the TV box’s or computer’s USB port. There is no need to install extra Apps or drivers. Easily to start a video calling for everyone.

hd webcam 

Online Study

Ideal for online study. Easy to begin a online study at home for children. Parents also can sit beside the children and attend the class together. Suitable for Twitter, YouTube, and other mainstream software & App.

hd webcam 

Online Conference

Convenient for remote online conference. If you are off the office but should attend a work conference, this kind of web camera can help start a remote meeting at any time. It is small and light in weight, easy to take it everywhere.

hd webcam 

Give Streaming

Exciting experience for gaming. Enjoy the full HD 2K image streaming. The camera delivers crystal clear video transmission at 30fps. No interruption when you are in the game. Give you an immersive game feeling.


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