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Our motto is 'All for your joy', we're devoted to creating high-quality, yet affordable products backed up by friendly, responsive service that delights our loyal customers around the world. Our mission is helping our consumers solve problems in different situations in order to live a more convenient and quality lifestyle.

Powered by sophisticated technology and passionate group who are here to learn and grow together, we have set our foot on endoscopes, videoscopes, and microscopes and provided comprehensive service for global customers. Driven by aspiration, we engage ourselves in supplying reliable products, saving you precious time and money on needless consultations.

F I R S T   P R O D U C T

DEPSTECH built the first endoscope for sale on Amazon

P R O D U C T   E X P A N D E D

Expanded the product lines to otoscopes and microscopes

B E S T   S E L L E R

DEPSTECH endoscope became No.1 best seller on Amazon globally

5 0   C O U N T R I E S

DEPSTECH products were being sold in more than 50 countries

5 - M I L L I ON   C O N S U M E R S

DEPSTECH consumers reached 5 million and kept growing

Reliable quality life solutions trusted by millions worldwide


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This awesome device connects to your Android device, iPhone, or iPad wirelessly, and it has a small camera at the end of a semi-rigid tube that's 11.5 feet long. You can snake the camera into just about anything, and it beams the image back to your smartphone or tablet. You can also capture video or still photos if you want, and the possibilities are endless.

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Unlike other wireless endoscopes, the Depstech is compatible with both Android 2.3+ and IOS 6.0+ smartphones and is able to support up to four different devices simultaneously.

What the Consumers Said

“Once you get one though and you see how incredibly useful it can be in so many different situations, you won’t be able to imagine ever being without one again.”

“I had a water leak in my wall. I didn’t know where it was and the Endoscope enabled me to find it by drilling 1/2 inch holes in the wall. I was amazed when I found the water pipe with the hole in it. Hiring a plumber could have cost me over $500, but I was able to isolate the problem and fix the leak for less than $100 (including the cost of the scope).”

Key Benefits


Save Time and Money

The average cost on consultations are over $500 and 2 weeks, with Depstech, you can retrench at least 80%.

No Risk

Life-time Support

All orders are 100% provided 30-day money-back guarantee and life-time technical support

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