• NTC50HD-10M

    USB Endoscope Inspection Camera for Android

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    • 2.0MP HD Camera with Blue LED Tech: Come with a 2.0MP camera for shooting HD 1280x720 image. The 6 LED Lights with unique Blue LED Tech help reduce overexposure and improves brightness in dark places, presenting high-quality pictures and 30fps fluent video.
    • IP67 Waterproof 0.33in Camera Probe: With a thin camera probe, the USB borescopes are easy to explore unreachable or hard-to-see areas and inspect some underwater places due to waterproof design. Besides, the 32.8ft long cable can be more useful in a long-range inspection.
    • Semi-ridged Cable: Our DEPSTECH endoscope camera is armed with a bendable cable that can bend and hold it's shape to access a wide variety of confined place, such as curved holes or pipes, great function in scientific, industrial or household use.
    • USB Endoscope Camera fofor Android, Windows and Mac Devices: This borescope is compatible with Android(OTG & UVC) 4.4+ Devices, Mac OS & Windows xp / 7 / 8 / 10 PC via USB-C, USB & Micro USB adapters.


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depstech endoscope
usb endoscope

High Quality Endoscope for More Comfortable Use (NOT support Samsung S9/iPhone&iPad !!)

type-c endoscope 

0.33in HD Camera

Built in HD camera with only 0.33in diameter probe, capturing high quality pictures and smooth videos and the thin probe can reach some narrow places such as holes, hard-to-inspect pipe, cavity, etc

inspection camera 

6 Adjustable LED Lights

There are 6 bright LEDs on the camera tip and the brightness can be adjusted according to your inspecting needs.Provide a clearer image and more outstanding color reproduction.

USB camera 

Semi-rigid Cable

The cable is designed to be bendable and straight, convenient to inspect curved holes or pipes. It is important to point and position camera for different using angle.

Depstech 50HD 0.33in USB Endoscope

2.0 mp endoscope 

Premium High Efficient Chip

Advanced camera head chip, providing users with smooth 30 fps live video, better than other brand products that only have 10 fps in the market.

waterproof endosocpe 

IP67 Waterproof

Inspect underwater and wet environment such as fish tank, water pipe, automobile exhaust pipe and so on, owing to IP67 waterproof design.

usb borescope 

Delicate and Useful Accessories

The mirror, magnetic and hook are made of the premium materials from the same place as the endoscope. It will be a practical tool to shoot when you inspect in the gloomy or complex environment.


  • Android App: Depstech-View 1.5.2

  • NTC70HD User Manual

  • Windows Software: Smart Camera3.1.2

  • Windows Software: Depstech-View (Replacement of SmartCamera)


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