• NTC70HD-7M

    2.0 MP USB Waterproof Endoscope

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    Compatible with OTG Android 4.4+ devices, MAC PC & Windows 7/8/10 PC

    Bluart LED tech & Semi-rigid cable

    8.5mm 2.0MP camera

    IP67 waterproof snake inspection camera


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depstech borescope
USb endoscope

Depstech USB Endoscope Cooler Design (NOT support Samsung S9/iPhone&iPad !!!)

USB borescope 

Premium High Efficient Chip

New generation camera head chip, provides users with live feed and video at 30 fps, better than other brand 10 fps in the market.

It will handle special use easiy: science research usage------biological plants and creatures inspection.

water endoscope 

Blue LED Tech & Water Proof Camera Tip

Adopting 2MP sensor, 6 adjustable blue LED light on the camera tip greatly enhanced the image resolution and noise control, makes the captured images and video much clearer.

Daily Usage:underwater & bathroom pipeline inspections, wall inspections, water leakage and blockage inspection etc.

USB inspection camera 

Practical and Powerful Attachments

Along with delicate attachments, NTC70HD will fix many problems in different respects.

Semi-ridiged cable can bend and hold it's shape to access a wide variety of confined place to meet with different using needs

Industrial Usage: Car,Auto,Motorcycle Repair and Maintenance Inspection.

waterproof usb endoscope


Please use the latest APP "Depstech-View" or download APP "CameraFi" "CameraFi2".

1) Adjust the focus length. Keep a short focus range of 1-3cm / 0.39-1.18in and long focus of 7-40cm / 2.7-15.7in.

2) Adjust the pixel and frame number (30fps).

3) Move the camera slowly.

1x Mirror, 1x Hook and 1x Magnet are included in the package. They are great for seeing clear in dark and picking up rings or keys easily.

The endoscope can be used for vehicle repair and maintenance, household cleaning, outdoor exploration, class teaching, water pipe check, observing living creatures in water, piping, construction, restoration and inspection of hard-to-reach or hard-to-see places and equipment.


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