• NTC86T-5M

    1.0MP 5.5mm Ultra-Thin USB Endoscope Camera
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    USB / Micro USB / Type-C interface design

    Upgraded snake cable

    720P HD inspection camera with 1280*720P, 5.5mm lens

    Built-in 6 brightness adjustable LED lights

    Long focal range


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Wide Compatibility for DEPSTECH USB Endoscope

This USB endoscope can work with Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / & Mac computers and smart phone or tablet with Android(support OTG and UVA) 4.4+ version.

Please download ”USB OTG Checker” to check the device, whether it supports the OTG function.

NOT support iPhone, iPad and Windows phone!!!

  1. Please go to Google Play Store to download “DEPSTECH-View” app or "USB Camera" app on your device.
  2. Plug endoscope into your Android devices.
  3. Open the APP you downloaded to use the endoscope.


  • Lens: 100W
  • Focal Distance: 2.76-15.7in
  • Diameter:5.5mm
  • Waterproof Grade:IP67
focal range

Super Thin 5.5mm Probe

Only 5.5mm diameter slim-sized Camera head, inspecting more narrow places such as vehicle repairs, sewer inspection, vent pipe inspection, etc. This camera tells you where what's the problem of your inspection place.


IP67 Waterproof

This waterproof inspection camera allows you to detect under water environment such as water tank, water pipe and so on. And you can clean it with water or wipe with alcohol, this would keep the camera clean and clear.


Useful Rotary Attachments

Magnet and hook help you get objects in hard-to-reach places. , such as coins under the sofa, keys dropped into the drain pipe. The Mirror will be a good tool for viewing different angles of the place you’re inspecting.


6 Adjustable LED Lights

There are 6 bright LEDs on the camera tip and the brightness can be adjusted according to your inspecting needs.Provide a clearer image and more outstanding color reproduction



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