• WFE300

    4.3mm HD WiFi Otoscope
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    Small Volume, Wide Compatibility

    HD Lens with LED Lights, Clearer Inspection View for the Ears

    Thin, Handy and Ergonomic Design, Convenient for Multiple Usage

    Newest Unique Tech, True Wireless Pattern, Better Using Experience


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DEPSTECH WiFi Otoscope Pen, Best Ear Health Guard

Light pen structure

This unit will be easy to carry, use and store. 0.17in camera lens, ultra-thin otoscope, the inner ear situation will be displayed clearly and completely.

Monitoring the hearing system

The origin of the pain or inflammation will be found and viewed in better perspective. The maintenance for family's ears will be not difficult any longer.

Package include

  • 1x WiFi ear scope
  • 1x Manual
  • 1x clean cloth
  • 1x alcohol pad
  • 1x micro USB to USB cable
4.3mm otoscope

Great Ear Scope Core: High-tech Camera Lens

-What makes DEPSTECH outstanding is that focus shapes our uniqueness. We will not be tired of innovation in self-developing technology in our products.

-This newest ear inspection camera is merged with our exclusive "Bluart" tech and high-end chip : exclusive camera with latest view sensor tech, capture the best image for you regardless of dark or bright environment.

-Buit-in LED lights, adjustable settings, will supplement the light source properly, enabling the camera to avoid shooting darkly.

wireless otoscope

WiFi Connection, Working with Different Devices & Conditions

-Equipped with WiFi module, this ear endoscope can be compatible with iOS & Android devices like iPhone or Samsung Pad, breaking through the diverse port limits.

- Due to ergonomic design, it will be applied to children's, adults', veterinary audiology system check. Then much time and money will be saved for the whole family, for time in ENT will be less and less.


  1. in order to get the get clearer images, please use a cloth to clean the lens at the first time and keep the observed area in the focal range;
  2. If the otoscope has a blue image during use, please restart the device or re-adjust the angle and light of the device.


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The package contains 1 x wired otoscope, 4 x different adapters, 1 x USB adapter, 1 x Type-C adapter; 1 x alcohol pad and 1 x User Manual. 

Please adjust the rolling wheel to find the ideal brightness. 

For healthy use, please use the alcohol pad or medical cotton to clean the otoscope. 

Please move the otoscope for a few times and find the best distance to see clearer. 

For product repair or replacement, please contact support@depstech.com.

You can charge the battery by using the USB cable.

The otoscope uses a built-in lithium battery and it cannot be replaced.

The otoscope supports Android and iOS operating systems. Windows for now is not supported.


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