• DS450-5M 500W Accessories

    USB Camera Cable for DEPSTECH DS450 Endoscope with 5.0MP Lens

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    Replacement USB Camera Cable for DEPSTECH DS450: This USB cable with 5.0MP lens is only compatible with DEPSTECH DS450 endoscope with 5.0MP lens version.

    Semi-Rigid Cable: With a snake shape and semi-rigid material cable, this USB cable helps the DS450 endoscope inspect more hard-to-reach area.

    Waterproof Lens: Special designed waterproof probe lets the DS450 device see more in wet or underwater places such as water pipe, fish tank, sewer and so on.

    6 Brightness LED: There are 6 bright LED built on the tip of the camera, providing enough brightness in a dark environment, adjustable lights allows the DS240 see everything clearly.

    Connect US: Please connect us if you are not sure that this product weather is suitable for the device you owned, we will help you and solve your problems as soon as possible.


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