• WF028-5M-Orange

    Orange 5.0MP HD Wireless Borescope Inspection Camera

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    HD 5.0MP Endoscope Sees through Everywhere

    Bluart & Camtele, Newest Top Technologies

    WiFi Connection & 2600 mAh Battery

    IP67 Waterproof & DEPSTECH Semi-ridged Cable


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DEPSTECH WF028 8.5mm WiFi Endoscope

5.0 MP HD Camera Lens

5.0 MP Camera, Clearer than Ever

This borescope is equipped with unprecedented 5.0 MP camera lens, and its image resolution will reach 2592x1944, clarifying the corner in the use.

CAMTELE Technology

CAMTELE 2.0, Larger Inspection Area

Enhanced CAMTELE 2.0, it will expand the focus range of the wireless endoscope, and the shots and the videos from the unit will have broader sharp views.

Bluart Tech

BLUART 2.0, Better Light Condition

Compared to BLUART 1.0, BLUART 2.0 will produce better optical environment for inspection, and the pictures will enjoy higher clarity due to reducing overexposure.

IP67 Waterproof

Waterproof Design for Another World

Classical IP67 waterproof cable, the clearness will be not only in the dark or hard-to-reach places on the land, but the water sc as well.

Innovations to be the First Choice

Wifi connection

WiFi Connection, Compatible with Different OS

  • The WiFi snake inspection camera connects the device with your Android phone or tablets, iPhone and the iPad through WiFi in the device settings.
  • Ports and transmission limits will be broken, and the compatibility is improved greatly.


Semi-rigid Cable, Multiplying the Applications

  • Internal iron wire supports the flexibility of the line.
  • Proper hardness and softness are the key to the versatility of the product, a perfect tool for HVAC inspection, vent pipe, machine equipment, engine, automotive, and boat maintenance.

WiFi Endoscope Accessories

Delicate Accessories, Fixing More Glitches

  • The mirror, magnetic and hook, made of the premium materials from the same place as the endoscope.
  • It will be a utility and helpful tool to shoot the trouble you detect in the gloomy environment.


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