• WF060-5M

    8.5mm Hd WiFi Borescope Camera

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    • Newest Zoomable WiFi Endoscope: Camtele successfully extends the focal distance from 1-3 inches to 2.76-15.7 inches. In the larger view scope, the zoom function enables you to choose the enlarged detail picture or the complete full view.
    • Snake Cable Inspection: Bluart tech based on the latest view sensor tech empowers the camera with a clearer image especially for the corner inaccessible to human eyes.
    • 6 Adjustable LED: multiple applications including household HVAC plumbing or automobile maintenance are dark and unforeseeable, supplementary lights design helps the endoscope capture a high-quality picture in the dark
    • Reliable Customer Service: photo key on the WiFi box offers another easier way to take photos besides the app, and Depstech will back up all of our products with the best-unworried warranty.


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Solid as Usual


Long-life battery, 6-hour-long working time

The WiFi box is equipped with 3350 mAh battery, which powers this WiFi endoscope with longer using time than other WiFi endoscope in the market.


Metal fiber, semi-rigid cable for more places

Internal iron wire supports the flexibility of the line, so it can bend and hold its shape. Proper hardness and softness are the key to the versatility of the product.

led lights 

IP67 water-resistant, clear in another world

The camera probe is IP67 waterproof with 6 adjustable LED lights which is perfect for underwater inspection, but no deeper than 3.3FT .

Better in More Ways


Versatile attachments, more problems to be solved in inspection

Along with delicate mirror, magnet, hook, DEPSTECH WF060 WiFi snake inspection camera could offer more besides image capturing and video recording.


Enhanced tech, better images and video transmission

30 fps rate vibrates the captured view, demonstrating more fluent photo-taking and video-recording processes, for the sake of every faster, and more efficient and more intellectual chip embedded in DEPSTECH borescope.


Exclusive to DEPSTECH VIP

We would like to provide our customers with better product experience in automobile maintenance, machine check, pipe inspection and so on. Therefore, we are growing into a well-known brand, enjoying most categories of endoscopes.


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