• WFE550

    5.5mm WiFi Ear Otoscope

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    · Great Compatibility: stable WiFi connection enables this ear endoscope to work with iPhone & Android smartphones.

    · 720P Camera Lens: equipped with a built-in temperature control HD camera, this otoscope will clearly exhibit the auditory system situation with a sharp image and real-time video.

    · 6-Level Brightness: Featured with Depstech’s new Bluart tech, the ear scope will be in more penetrating power in the dark tympanic membrane check situation, leading to producing better images and videos with complementary LED lights.

    · For Family’s Ear Health: The inspection camera can apply to pediatric & adult ear exam, and it is suitable for veterinary use as well, whichever your pets is lovely cats or energetic dogs, protecting every member from ear-wax annoyance.

    · Enjoy No-Worry Reliable Customer Service: We will back up all of our products with 24 months of reliable customer service.


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wifi otoscope

Depstech WiFi Otoscope, A Necessary Healthcare Helper


Irreplaceable Bluart, Incredible Ear Scope

Depstech Wireless ear inspection camera is developed by our special Bluart technology, improving the penetrating power, producing better image quality, and easier for you to know deeper about your important ears.


  • 5.5mm thin HD 720P camera
  • 1' in Focal Distance
  • 6 Adjustable LED Lights
  • Compatible with iOS & Android OS
  • 450 mah battery capacity
  • WiFi Transmission Range: 10 meter

wireless otoscope 

A Handy, Tidy & Non-harmful Tool for the Ear

This unit is made with safe and non-heating chip. The lens can be durable and convenient to clean, equipped with sterilized alcohol cloth. Once there is a light circle in the use, affecting the image quality, pls use the cloth to clean the lens to avoid that.

ear inspection camera 

Supplementary Light Source Against Darkness

In the ear organ, dark is the common status. With 6 Adjustable LED lights, there will be no worry in capturing blank view for this reason. Depstech designs this optical structure on the camera to solve the problem properly.

inspection camera 

WiFi Connection, Working with iOS & Android Freely

The WiFi otosocpe is featured with a module part to broadcast WiFi signals to connect with your iOS or Android smart devices like iPhone, Samsung S9 and etc. No difficulities in different connection port.


The package contains 1 x wired otoscope, 4 x different adapters, 1 x USB adapter, 1 x Type-C adapter; 1 x alcohol pad and 1 x User Manual. 

Please adjust the rolling wheel to find the ideal brightness. 

For healthy use, please use the alcohol pad or medical cotton to clean the otoscope. 

Please move the otoscope for a few times and find the best distance to see clearer. 

For product repair or replacement, please contact support@depstech.com.

You can charge the battery by using the USB cable.

The otoscope uses a built-in lithium battery and it cannot be replaced.

The otoscope supports Android and iOS operating systems. Windows for now is not supported.


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