• WF030-5M

    2.0MP HD Wireless Inspection Camera
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    WiFi connection & 8.5mm 2.0MP camera

    Compatible with Android 2.3+ & iOS devices

    Exclusive CAMTELE & BLUART tech for clearer images

    IP67 waterproof & Semi-rigid cable & 450 mAh battery capacity


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What is Depstech WF030 WiFi Endoscope

Camlete, Easier to See Clearer World

1600x1200 resolution aside, Depstech Camtele Technology enables endoscope focal range up to 15.7inch.

This is a big advantage as compared to other brand's product with 3' in depth of field, which decreases many observation difficulties in use.

Different Accessories, Fixing More Glitches

Accompanied by magical claw, the kit of the endoscope is including the 45 degree mirror, a magnet and a hook.

All the delicate attachments are to solve more problems for your joyful product experience.

IP67 Waterproof Camera with Blue LED Tech

6 adjustable light on the camera tip improves visibility in the dark, and the Blue LED Tech reduces image over-exposure for 2MP HD CMOS sensor.

Even if the borescope is submerged in water, the vivid view will display as well.

Flexible Semi-Ridged Cable, Less Usage Limitations

Semi-ridiged cable can bend and hold it's shape to access a wide variety of confined place to meet different using needs.

This unit works in daily underwater and pipe leakage inspection, biological science research, auto and machine maintenance.


Yes, 1 x Mirror, 1 x Hook and 1 x Magnet are included in the package. The accessories are ideal for corner use or picking up rings and keys.

1) Please make sure you have input the correct Wi-Fi Password.  

2) Please make sure the Wi-Fi box is full of power. Lower power may cause failed connection, and please recharge it timely. 

3) Try to restart the Wi-Fi box and reconnect it with your phone. 

4) Exit the APP interface, and re-enter. 

5) Try to uninstall the Wi-Fi View APP, then re-install and update it. 

6) Please keep the distance between Wi-Fi box and mobile phone within 10 meters without any obstacles. 

7) Keep away from other strong Wi-Fi signal around or turn off it when using the Wi-Fi endoscope. 

1) Via Android smart phone, using micro USB to micro USB charging cable (not included).

2) Via PC computer or Power Bank (DC 5V, 1A), using the extra Micro USB to USB charging cable.

Step 1: Turn on the Wi-Fi Endoscope, then it will generate a Wi-Fi signal named "Jetion_fb******". 

Step 2: Open the network settings in WLAN of your phone, find the Wi-Fi "Jetion_fb******", click and enter the password "12345678" to connect it with your phone. Once connected correctly, the Wi-Fi signal will flash in blue LED. If not, please try to disconnect and reconnect with it or check the power of the Wi-Fi box.

Step 3: Open the pre-installed app "DEPSTECH" or 'Wi-Fi VIEW' which can be downloaded from APP Store and you can use the camera. Or open the pre-installed app "DEPSTECH-Wi-Fi" or 'Wi-Fi VIEW' for Android which can be downloaded from Google Play Store. Then you can use the camera.

You should connect the Wi-Fi on WLAN of your smartphone, not on the APP. If you want to change Wi-Fi name or password, you cannot enter special character.

1) Keep the Wi-Fi box and smartphone within 10m / 33ft distance (under obstacle-free environment)

2) Reset the endoscope: there is a small hole near the charging port of the Wi-Fi box. Use the provided tool or a small needle, push and hold for up to 10 seconds, and then turn on the Wi-Fi box.

1) The smartphone might have automatically connected your home Wi-Fi. Please turn off the Wi-Fi of your smartphone or set to ignore the home Wi-Fi (The home Wi-Fi might cover the signal of endoscope).

2) Try to turn on the Flight Mode or turn off the mobile data.

3) Reset the Wi-Fi: there is a small hole near the charging port of the Wi-Fi box. Use the provided tool or a small needle to long press for 10 seconds and then restart the Wi-Fi box.

1) Unload APP DEPSTECH and download it again or try another device.

2) Try the APP "Wi-Fi-VIEW".

1) Adjust the focus within the range of 7-40cm / 2.7-15.7in.

2) Adjust the pixel.

3) Move the camera slowly.

Please fully charge the endoscope.

The Wi-Fi endoscope does not support laptop use. You can try the USB endoscope.

The Wi-Fi endoscope supports iOS and Android operating system. Windows is not supported.


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